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My 1st Kayaking Experience Yarramundi, Australia!

I tried something new last weekend!

I had my first Kayaking experience at Yarramundi. I recorded the footage of my GOPRO to share with you all.

Listen for the beautiful sounds of nature.

If you have experienced Kayaking share your experience below in the comments.


Sharing Lifestyles Guest Post – Doors Off Helicopter Tour – Oahu, Hawaii

Our friends at http://www.sharinglifestyles.com are proudly bringing you today’s post on a Hawaiian Helicopter Tour.

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I  have taken a helicopter tour a couple of times and had always wanted to take one in Hawaii to get a good aerial view of the island. I must suggest though that if you haven’t been in a helicopter before, I recommend trying a ‘Doors On’ ride before proceeding to ‘Doors Off’.

In the pursuit of my Hawaii helicopter ride, I can say that a ‘Doors Off’ helicopter ride offers so much more and is wonderful for photography. There are some rules to follow such as no handbags, wallets or purses allowed (lockers provided) and all long hair must be tied up. Cameras and videos were allowed but only if they were attached to a strap. A warm jacket was recommended to be worn and I would say a must as the temperature was very cold and at times windy. Sunglasses also had to be worn due to the strong winds.

Once I had my life jacket on and was strapped into my seat (and double checked), I put on my head phones with the microphone and confirmed to the pilot that I was ‘all good’ prior to take off. As soon as my helicopter took off, I quickly grabbed the hand strap as shown in the photo and I did not let it go until we returned. My hand was very white by the end of the helicopter ride.


Our helicopter tour started at Hawaii International Airport and headed in the direction of Waikiki Marina and the famous Waikiki beach.


Waikiki Marina


Waikiki Beach

We flew over Diamond Head and then the most exciting thing happened – which is 100% better than any roller coaster ride I have ever been on! The helicopter did an amazing turn, and after thinking that was a lot of fun the helicopter then performed another one. I would do the helicopter tour again just for the exhilarating experience. Our pilot did warn us this was going to happen so all passengers would get a view of the scenery.


Diamond Head

Our journey continued on and we saw some amazing homes at Millionaires’ Row…


Millionaires’ Row

and the greenest of mountains where movies such as Jurassic Park and King Kong were filmed.


The helicopter then ventured into mountains to a beautiful waterfall ‘Sacred Falls’ and then we did another exciting U turn since there is only one way in and one way out.


Sacred Falls

We then a-preached the coast and in the distance we could see the Marine Base and President Obama’s holiday home. We flew over the world’s largest Dole Pineapple Plantation which looks amazing from the helicopter.


Dole Pineapple Plantation

Our flight concluded with a fly over of Pearl Harbour. We were fortunate to see US Aircraft Carriers, Military Ships and USS Arizona Memorial and then we returned to the Helicopter base at Hawaii International Airport.


US Aircraft Carriers, Military Ships


USS Arizona Memorial

On landing we met our wonderful pilot Margot, and got the shot with our helicopter.  After experiencing a ‘Doors Off’ helicopter ride I am not sure what is next.  Any suggestions…..